Adare Manor

Wednesday July 13, 2022


Adare Manor is the antithesis of the links style golf we have been playing these past few days. Immaculately groomed with not a blade of grass out of place.

We arrived and immediately got assigned a caddie who carried my bag to the range, giving me yardages and shagging balls around the chipping green. The little cafe right next to the 1st hole/9th green was a cozy little place for an americano before teeing off and for a scone with clotted cream at the turn.

The golf course itself was perfectly fine, nothing dazzling until the 15th hole or so. Then we get a short par 4 with the river and manor house up the right. Then a full water carry par 3 16th where I put one in the drink. A nice, narrow par 4 17th that I birdied and the signature 18th. The 18th is a par 5 with water up the left and the manor house in the distance. I hit a decent 8iron onto the green that caught the slope at the front and rolled back into the water.

A 3 birdie day, with a few putts lipping out and several greens hit but ultimately rejected; good playing.

After the round Pat told me that as I was playing well and building a good round that the caddies with us (4 total) started to confer with each other to make sure I got the best read possible. What a touch!

Hole Par Score Comments
1 4 5 Good drive up the right, 155yds to pin, thinned a 7I that hit the stone face of the stream in front of the green and bounced back into the fairway, wedged to 15 feet, 2 putts
2 4 4 Weak slice-y drive leaving 215yds to grean, 3Hy short of green to the brown dirt under a tree, awesome punch 8I to 2 feet, 1 putt
3 4 4 Striped a drive, 8I from 150yds that I almost missed completely leaving short of green, 52degree wedge chipped to 2 feet, 1 putt
4 3 4 155yd par 3, good 7I to 30 feet, 3 putts
5 4 3 Drive up the left rough but short enough grass, 145yds playing 165yds, pulled a 6I left of green that catches a mound and bounces towards the hole, made the 15ft birdie putt
6 3 4 Par 3 185 playing 2 clubs less, pushed 6I right of green, flop shot over bunker to 10 feet, 2 putts
7 5 6 Good drive up the left, punched a 4H down the fairway to 125yds, PW to right side of green, 3 putts
8 4 5 Big slice off the tee, 225yds in hit 3W underneath another tree, good splash from there to 20ft, 2 putts
9 5 6 Ok drive, good 3W to layup, 6I hit well but bounced over green down a huge slope, good 8I punch up the hill, 2 putts
10 4 5 Good drive, pure 8I that again hit the green and bounced over, bumped 8I onto green, 2 putts
11 3 3 9I left of the pin, 20 feet for birdie, 2 putts
12 5 4 Good drive towards the brown gate, nuclear 3W down the center to 55yds, SW to 6ft, 1 putt
13 4 4 Another weak wipey drive to the right, blocked out by large tree, hit a decent fading 3Hy to left of green, mediocre chip to 20ft, 1 putt
14 4 5 Pulled drive left through the trees, played it safe and hit 7I away from water onto green but to 80ft, 3 putt
15 4 4 Starting a great stretch of holes here, short par 4 and hit a great drive down the left to only 20 paces from green, thinned the chip to 20ft, 2 putts
16 3 5 All carry to shallow green, pushed a 6I into the water shorter, re-teed and hit the 6I over the green into bunker, splashed out, 2 putts
17 4 3 Good drive up the left side, 165 to pin and hit best 6I of the trip to 12 feet, sliding left to right putt that just drops in for birdie
18 5 7 Signature finishing hole, good drive, safe layup down the right to 130yds, hit a non-commited 8I onto the green but it caught the slope in front and rolled back into water, finished with double
White 72 81 Balls Lost: 2

The Manor House

Me and the manor house


#5, and birdie number 1


#8, wedge blast from under the tree

Cafe house

Turning the proper way: coffee, scone and clotted cream

#15 Tee

Short par 4 #15

#15 Green

Almost to the green at 14


The signature 18th

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