Tuesday July 12, 2022


Another day, another great links course. Today was our first day of true Ireland weather: occasional bouts of misty rain, howling winds, dark skies. The perfect backdrop for another day of substandard golf that I enjoyed immensely.

I started off strong, with a birdie on 1. Hit the ball well for a few more holes then a couple shots got away from me and just couldn’t get off the bogey train. I hit a number of shots just how I wanted that hit the green and bounced over into garbage. The back nine was I think the more scenic, with some nice short par 4s and monster par 3s. Holes 11 and 17, both par 4s, stuck out as my favorite.

Monster dunes all over the property leading to blind shots and lost balls.

I still prefer Tralee I think, as I think it was just more dramatic.

Hole Par Score Comments
1 4 3 Good par 4 starter, nice drive to 110yds, GW to pin high, 1 putt birdie
2 4 5 Tough uphill dogleg right, pushed drive right and blocked out by huge dune, layed up with 9I, chip to 9 feet, 2 putts
3 3 3 Pure 3I maybe the best of the trip 190yds to the pin, 2 putts
4 5 5 Good drive, 3Hy layup to 50yds, thinned chip over the green, bad chip to 40ft, made the putt
5 5 7 Pulled drive left into the tall rough, hacked it up the left and got to the green in 5, 2 putts for double
6 4 5 Short par 4, 3W off the tee, 6I just short of the green, 3 putts
7 4 6 Good drive up the left, bad 8I into the junk short of the green, wedge doesn’t make green, 3 putts
8 3 4 Short scary par 3, pulled a PW into the left bunker, good out but 2 putts for bogey
9 4 5 Good drive, weak 4Hy missed the green left, good flop shot on, 2 putts
10 4 5 Pulled drive left into the garbage, good 8I contact but was overclubbed by the caddie to ensure covering false front, 100ft for birdie and 3 putts
11 4 6 Signature hole, 200yds with a 3I to the end of the tiered fairway, pure 7I that hit the green but bounded over the green into the garbage, double bogey
12 3 4 Uphill into the wind par 3 185yds playing 215, wipey 3W short of green, chipped to 20ft, 2 putts
13 5 5 Good drive left over the dunes, Me: What’s over there? Caddie: Hopefully fairway., nope but was able to hack it to the green in regulation and 2 putt
14 3 4 Story of the trip: 125yds with a pure pitching wedge that hits the green and bounces over, decent chip but 2 putts
15 3 4 Long par 3 into the wind, pulled a 3W left of green, chipped on, 2 putts
16 5 6 3W over the left dunes, pushed a 3Hy right into the junk right of green and lost, scrambled for bogey
17 4 4 Dogleg left, good drive down the left, PW wedge to 20ft, 2 putts
18 4 6 Pushed drive right into garbage, hacked out to 100yds from green, weak wedge to 90 feet, 3 putts
White 71 87 Balls Lost: 1


Me on the first


10 Green


14 Green


11 Tee


17 Tee

17 Green

17 Green


18 Tee

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